The ecological SKIN base tray is 100 % recyclable and completely transforms the possibilities of packaging design of fresh foodstuff

The new, innovative product of Pyroll Packaging combines the many possibilities of ecological packaging design. The SKIN base tray gives the food industry a new, more ecological way to package fresh food like meat, cheese and cold cuts.

The SKIN base tray is a response to a growing demand for ecological and responsible packaging materials. The material consists mainly of renewable fibres. The raw material of the base is 100 % new fibre and the material conforms to all the food packaging safety regulations.

In the SKIN base tray ecological does not mean giving up on quality or an unexciting appearance. The only limits to the design of the base is the creativity of the graphics designer and there are many different printing techniques available. The material can be printed on both sides. The SKIN base tray  is your possibility to be distinctive and attractive in style, in a responsible and ecological way.

The packaging is 100% recyclable. We already thought of the life cycle of the base during production: it can be manufactured with a tear-away corner, so that the plastic film of the top layer can be separated for recycling.

Plastic film goes into recyclable plastic and in best case, up to 85 % of the packaging can be recycled as cardboard.

The SKIN base tray is manufactured from raw material into a printed packaging in Pyroll’s own production units. With the help of our new product and our quality production chain we can offer our customers responsible and ecological SKIN base trays, with high-class print work and colours to enhance the product display to a new level.