PackageMedia brings a new medium to marketing

Competition for consumer attention is tough. How to make the products stand out and ensure that people will continue buying them even in the future? PackageMedia answers these questions that often trouble the manufacturers. This solution also makes it possible to include sound, 3D images, competitions, links to social media, and other exciting elements in the package.

PackageMedia, developed by the Pyroll group’s digital carton plant Pyroll Kouvola (SOLVER palvelut Oy), makes it possible to print packages digitally. This way it is possible to manufacture personalised packages and small series ideal for campaign products. Furthermore, the new solution uses less materials and energy than traditional ones. The innovative technology also brings new added value to consumers and manufacturers.

The package attracts buyers

The package is soon pretty much the only printed material that ends up in the hands of the customer. It is present during the time of purchase, and it influences us longer than a TV commercial, making it an ideal marketing tool. With PackageMedia, the package becomes a new, effective medium that makes it flexible and affordable to communicate about the campaigns or seasons. The package will also entice repurchases with its memorable services and competitions.

Illuminates, livens up, and gives valuable consumer information

Thanks to the new technology, it is possible to add 3D messages in the package, which can be viewed with a web camera. This enables you to, e.g. clarify the operating instructions or bring the delightful adventures of the children’s products’ characters into consumers’ homes. It is also possible to include sound in the package.

Furthermore, the consumer can be directed in the social media to play games or share user experiences. At the same time, the manufacturer will gain valuable information on consumer behaviour and wishes, which is easy to use in product development and marketing.