New Pyroll offers streamlined services

Pyroll Group, shaped by corporate acquisitions and organic growth as well as the rapidly changing operational environment, carried out a massive renewal in the summer of 2011. This gave birth to the ‘New Pyroll’, the concrete benefits of which will be gradually visible to the clients as of March 1, 2012.

The key goals of the new operation mode are based on the cornerstone of Pyroll’s strategy, the customer-specific approach. We wanted to make Pyroll even easier to perceive and provide our customers with a versatile product and service offering under the one-stop-shop principle. Therefore we have simplified our corporate structure by reducing the number of companies roughly to half from c. 20. Additionally, we have harmonized our customer, supplier, and product information. In the future, each customer will, for example, have just one customer ID in our register. By managing the customer-specific information better, we can create a solid foundation for further development – regarding, e.g. the integration of the information systems that online stores and partnerships might require.

In practice, the most visible change to our customers concerns invoicing and other transaction-related documentation. From the beginning of March, Pyroll will gradually start invoicing the customers through three companies, whereas previously there were more than ten units doing so. A single company, Pyroll Oy, has handled the sales of the Packaging business area since the beginning of the year. It will also gradually invoice all the customers that order packages from Pyroll, regardless of which unit delivers the packages. Pyrollpap Oy will invoice the clients of Pyroll Paper Merchant, and Pyroll Converting Oy those of Pyroll Converting. The duties and the contact information of the sales and customer service personnel will remain the same.

Pyroll’s marketing, communications, and procurement are now handled at the corporate level. This has quickly had a positive effect both on the company’s finances and its image. Significant investments have been made in training the personnel. We will continue our investments in training and increasing the job satisfaction – with the goal of always maintaining a high level of wellbeing at work and customer satisfaction. Pyroll is now even more agile and can thus helps its customers prosper by combining the comprehensive offering with a streamlined and cost-efficient way of working.

If you have any questions on New Pyroll, your contact personnel and Project Manager Eero Niskanen ( are happy to answer them.