F-Secure also believes in innovation in their packaging solutions

Finnish F-Secure is globally known for its excellent IT security solutions for private and corporate use. Malware keeps evolving, and therefore IT security companies need constant innovation to succeed. In addition to the continuous development of its services and products, F-Secure’s innovative approach can also be seen in its packaging solutions.

Erkki Mustonen and Mari Wesanterä

F-Secure, founded at the end of 1980s, is a trailblazer in IT security solutions offered for both companies and consumers. Currently, already more than 200 operators all over the world offer its IT security solutions. A good indicator of their quality is that one of the most significant independent testing organisations, AV-Comparatives, gave F-Secure The Product of the Year award in January 2011. Additionally, the F-Secure Client Security product was given the AV-TEST Award for Best Protection 2011. AV-TEST is an independent testing organisation that recognises the IT security product whose efficiency is used as a yardstick for the whole industry.

Eliminating the threats from the clouds

Malware keeps evolving at an alarming speed. Therefore IT security companies must continuously create new weapons to fight them. ”The worst threats are the types of malware disguised as web browser plug-ins that endanger the use of Internet banks or steal login data and credit card details”, the information security expert of F-Secure Finland, Erkki Mustonen says.

The way people nowadays use devices requires effective protection for user-created content, such as images and music. For this purpose, F-Secure has developed a cloud solution that enables the secure storage and sharing of data. F-Secure invested in cloud technology at an early stage, and thus became a trailblazer in this field. Cloud technology takes the IT security functions, which slow down the device, online – offering real-time protection that reacts to new threats a lot faster than before. This makes it easy to store a myriad of virus detectors online without slowing down the clients’ computers. It is also possible to maintain extensive lists of safe programmes online, which makes IT security even safer and faster.

The need for mobile security increases

The popularity of smartphones and tablets increases at an explosive rate, which has also started to attract internet criminals. ”Anticipating the security risks of mobile devices is one of the most important prospects of the industry”, Mustonen says. ”Companies and consumers are becoming more aware of this, but there is still a lot to improve in mobile security.”

The rapid development of technologies enables more and more realtime communication. To stay on the forefront of mobile security, F-Secure collaborates closely with the largest operators and mobile phone manufacturers. The company has a partner network of more than 200 operators, through which they already reach more than 100 million broadband customers all over the world.

Malware and internet scam protection, child lock software, and anti-theft applications have become mandatory for smartphones. Mustonen encourages people to apply common sense also when using online services with their mobile devices. ”Systems and IT security solutions, which are always up to date regardless of the device, form the basis of safe internet usage.”

Social media requires effective protection

People spend more and more time on Facebook and other social media, sharing and storing a wealth of information. As our life becomes ever more digital, the need for IT security as well as sharing, synchronisation, and backup services increases. F-Secure also invests in the security of social media in their service development. The first of these services is Safe Links, which protects the website owners from spreading harmful links unintentionally.

The information security challenges of social media are rather similar to those of other online services. The biggest risks include becoming the target of an internet scam, having the workstation infected by a dangerous link or having personal information fall into wrong hands. The user should make sure that the OS, applications, and IT security are regularly updated, without forgetting secure data storage.

Innovative approach also to packaging selections

F-Secure’s products are available globally through the operators, electronically through the web shop, and through our retailers as physical or e-products. ”The package advertises the product in the retail channels, so it must convey a message of reliability and quality”, Mari Wesanterä, Manager, Consumer Channel Partners - Direct Consumer Business & Marketing at F-Secure Corporation, emphasises.

”We wanted a package for our IT security and backup products that also minimises the use of materials that are harmful to the environment”, Wesanterä continues. ”Because the products had several language versions and other optional versions, the ability to modify the package quickly was also important.” Pyroll’s digital carton plant, Pyroll Kouvola (SOLVER palvelut Oy) met these demands with their digital PackageMedia solution.

Thanks to the digital printing technology, the package is cost-efficient even in smaller series. ”Because our products are sold globally, we needed to be able to print different front covers for different sales channels”, Wesanterä says. ”Furthermore, we can now easily change the looks, campaigning, and subscription codes of the packages.”

For a long time, Pyroll Kouvola has delivered most of F-Secure’s consumer packages. ”It is wonderful that the supplier understands our needs and can offer suitable alternatives”, Wesanterä points out. ”Therefore we listened very carefully, when they suggested this package.” And this really paid off, because the innovative carton recently won an esteemed Scanstar packaging award in Norway. It has also attracted positive attention among retailers and consumers.

PackageMedia boosts sales

One of the strong trends of this day and age is the fragmentation of media and the target groups. Because of this, it is even more difficult to reach the customers with a single medium. PackageMedia transforms the package into a medium that is guaranteed to reach and unite the whole target audience.

It enables you to utilise the package efficiently in marketing and sales support. The packages are identified individually in the logistic process by the codes printed on the package surface, which are easy to track in the distribution channel. This way, it is easy to find out what kind of a person bought the product, from where and when, what did they do after the purchase, and what did they think about it. This opens up new possibilities to measure the success of sales promotion activities. This consumer-specific information is also extremely valuable for marketing.

Environmentally-friendly packaging option

The end-users value environmentally-friendly packaging. Individualised license cards have been integrated in the package, and therefore separate stickers are no longer needed. The package is solely made of paperboard, which makes it easy to recycle. Its clever design eliminates some assembly stages, making the process faster. Furthermore, its flexible production method reduces material usage and makes it possible to reduce stocks, which saves natural resources.

”We are currently researching how to make it possible to use the package with a new product of ours. It would be great to be able to utilise this flexible production method and ecological approach in all our consumer packages”, Wesanterä sums up.

Scanstar for Pyroll and F-Secure

The winners of the Scanstar 2011 packaging competition were announced during the Emballasje-dagene trade fair in Sandefjord, Norway on November 3. Pyroll Kouvola (SOLVER palvelut Oy) was awarded a Scanstar for its intelligent, digitally-printed, and energy- and material-saving carton created for F-Secure Corporation.

This award-winning carton is used for anti-virus software and other IT security products. Each package is an individual. The package contains an integrated license card. In the logistic process, the cartons are identified individually by 2D codes printed on the package surface.

As F-Secure’s products are sold all over the world, the cartons are printed in numerous language versions and also in trade channel editions. The carton offers a completely new packaging solution; it is eco-friendly and easy to use.  Assembly is fast and easy, and no extra stickers are needed. The cartons are also fully recyclable.

According to the Scanstar jury, this package provides an ingenious way to pack an IT security product previously wrapped in plastic. The solution is both smart and simple; it protects effectively and is easy to open. It also uses less materials and energy than previous packages.

The Scanstar competition is arranged by the Scandinavian Packaging Association. In 2011, the Norwegian association Den Norske Emballasjeforening was responsible for the arrangements. In the Nordic countries, Scanstar is the only way to participate in the global WorldStar packaging competition.

In recent years, Pyroll has received three WorldStar awards.