Wow, what a package!

The largest department store in the Nordic countries, Stockmann, decided to renew its visual identity by renewing its packages. This was accomplished in collaboration with Pyroll. The new graphic identity of the packages can be seen at all Stockmann’s department stores.


F-Secure believes in innovation also in their packaging solutions

Finnish F-Secure is globally known for its excellent IT security solutions for private and corporate use. Malware keeps evolving, and therefore IT security companies require constant innovation to succeed. In addition to the continuous development of its services and products, F Secure’s innovative approach can also be seen in its packaging solutions.

PackageMedia brings a new media to marketing

Competition for consumer attention is tough. How to make the products stand out and ensure that people will continue buying them even in the future? PackageMedia answers these questions that often trouble the manufacturers. This solution also makes it possible to include sound, 3D images,  competitions, links to social media, and other exciting elements in the package.

The second generation of the family Uusitalo helps run the family business

Reino Uusitalo’s children liked drawing, and there was never a shortage of drawing paper at their home. However, their father’s entrepreneurship does not play a major role in their childhood memories; although they did go to marvel at the large rolls of paper at the factory every now and then.

New Pyroll offers streamlined services

The Pyroll group, shaped by corporate acquisitions and organic growth as well as the rapidly changing operational environment, carried out a massive renewal in the summer of 2011. This gave birth to the ’New Pyroll’, the concrete benefits of which will be gradually visible to the clients as of March 1, 2012.

A large market area is visible through Pyroll’s Hungarian window

When the Ypap group became part of Pyroll at the beginning of 2011, a new important window opened for Pyroll in Central Europe. Ypap’s Oy Ikapaper Ab Ltd. had established a subsidiary called Ikapapir Kft in Hungary near Budapest, and now this also became part of Pyroll. Nowadays known as Pyroll Kft, this sheeting plant and flexographic printing house is an interesting addition in the internationalising Pyroll family.