Pyroll’s eventful year 2012

The year was certainly full of remarkable events that have strengthened our position in various industries.

Pyroll Packages

We built a new sack plant in Kotka on an accelerated schedule. We continued the integration for enhancing our sales and order delivery processes. We bought and integrated Pyroll with KM Group, and got in the process excellent know-how and products particularly to pack dairy products. In addition, we established a logistics center in Tuusula and strengthened our sales and customer service. With all of these very significant measures we’ve wanted to ensure our status as a leading and comprehensive Finnish packaging house.

Current year at Pyroll Packages is going to be above all refining the measures above in such condition that our ability to serve the users of our packaging solutions will continue to improve. We will also be paying more attention to product development.

Pyroll Paper Merchant

We introduced with one of our main partners, UPM, a domestic art paper family. The Maxi product family papers are perfect for the product range of the sole Finnish-owned paper merchant, and for the implementation of more diverse print jobs. It’s worth exploring and being delighted! As one of our goals for the year 2013 is to grow further as paper merchant. This means in the current challenging market situation naturally also growing our market share. To achieve this goal, the Maxi product family will have a significant role to play.

Pyroll Contract Converting

We’ve been able to adapt to changing market demands. Life as a close partner in the ever-changing paper and paperboard industry gives us a crucial competitive advantage. Though our sheeting and rewinding machinery are technically suitable for their intended purpose, the mutual trust basis lies in successful co-operation built over the years and decades with the paper and paperboard factories. We believe that Pyroll will strengthen its position as Europe's leading provider of sheeting and rewinding services also in the future.

The year 2013 is an anniversary of Pyroll

Next August will mark the 40th annual that industrial counsellor Reino Uusitalo founded the company Pyhtään Paperi Oy, the current Pyroll. In 40 years our company has grown into a group employing more than 500 people and cherishing family and domestic industry in all its activities.

The anniversary will be reflected in our marketing communication throughout the year, and the year will culminate in September at PacTec fair in Helsinki!

We would like to thank all our friends and partners for the good co-operation. The year 2013 is certainly going to be challenging one for everybody, but we hope that the recent signs of economic stability will have a positive impact also on businesses of us all.

Regards, Hannu Vakkari, Group CEO

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