Pyroll’s story

The founder of Pyroll, Reino Uusitalo, was born in Ypäjä into a farming family with four children. He was industrious already as a child. He earned his pocket money e.g. by selling Christmas cards, working as a lumberjack, and thinning out sugar beets. After finishing his school, he studied to become an electrical technician and was employed at a paper mill in Kotka, handling maintenance-related duties.

The paper mill had second-rate paper reels, which Reino agreed to buy. Then he purchased a used sheet cutter and rented premises from an old cattle shed in Pyhtää. In the evenings, he made sheets and in the daytime he sold them to wholesale firms. From these operations, Pyhtään Paperi Oy was born in 1973. In 1982, its name was changed to Pyroll.

In 2006, Reino resigned from his managerial duties and became the Chairman of the Board. In this role, he concentrates on the big picture, innovation, and building a good future for Pyroll.

Reino’s accomplishments
1984 Regional Entrepreneur Award
1993 Hopeinen Yrittäjäristi Award
1996 National Entrepreneur Award
1997 The acquisition of the Patruunatalo manor house
2002 Member of the Order of the White Rose of Finland
2003 The Yrittäjien Suurristi Award
2007 The honorary title of Industrial Counsellor
2011 The acquisition of the Parikkala sculpture park
He has run over 200 marathons, and he can also be frequently seen on skis, a kicksled or a kickbike.