Pyroll is one of the leading paper, cardboard, paperboard, and plastic converters in the Nordic countries. Industrial Counsellor Reino Uusitalo founded Pyroll in 1973, and ever since then this Finnish, family-owned corporation has grown purposefully. Currently, we have operations in thirteen locations in Finland, as well as in Poland and the Netherlands. We employ over 500 people, and our turnover is about 100 million euros.

We are involved in the United Nations Global Compact programme, through which we actively develop environmentally and socially responsible operations.

Pyroll’s operations are divided into three business branches:

Pyroll Packages Pyroll Packages offers paperboard, paper, and plastic packaging solutions for industry and retail trade. Our most important product groups are boxes, films, wrappings, and bags.
Pyroll Paper Merchant Pyroll Paper Merchant is a member of Europe’s third largest paper merchant chain, Igepa Group. Our product portfolio covers art and offset printing paper as well as graphic cardboards and paperboards. Our clients include printing houses, bookbinders, the packaging industry, as well as advertising and PR agencies together with their interest groups.
Pyroll Converting

Pyroll Contract Converting sheets and rewinds over 200,000 metric tons of paper and paperboard every year. We are Europe’s leading paper converter and also a global forerunner in this field.