19.12.2011 11:41

Pyroll Group restructuring

The Finnish family company Pyroll operates in three branches: it is a packaging producer, a paper merchant and a contract converter. The Group has expanded heavily in recent years, both through organic growth and through acquisitions, including the merger of the paper converting group Ypap. This has resulted in a somewhat incoherent group structure and a need to clarify Pyroll’s image among customers and other stakeholders. To achieve this goal, Pyroll decided to introduce a restructuring programme, also helping to improve business efficiency. The parent company RU Group Oy was renamed Pyroll Group Oy in October. Most of the restructuring actions will be completed by New Year.

At the beginning of 2011, Pyroll’s sales and marketing were combined under one organization. From the beginning of March 2012 Pyroll is scheduled to operate three invoicing companies based on the business areas: Pyroll Oy handles the invoicing of Pyroll Packages, Pyrollpap Oy the invoicing of Pyroll Paper Merchant, and Pyroll Converting Oy the invoicing of Pyroll Contract Converting. At the same time, a new CMS system and uniform tools for reporting and financial administration will be taken into use. All the rearrangements have been designed to improve customer service and streamline daily operations.

In line with its strategy, Pyroll will continue to drive profitable growth. This will be supported by the new uniform image and the new efficiencies.

Besides these restructuring actions, the company is undergoing a generational change as founder Reino Uusitalo is in the process of passing on Pyroll to his children.

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