Special materials

In addition to conventional products, we also provide a large number of special solutions. Our registered trademarks FlowPap®, FormPap® and BioWrap® demonstrate our innovativeness and product development expertise.

FlowPap® is a paper-based flexible flowpack laminate for horizontal and vertical packaging machines. It can be combined with a wide range of other materials, and it can be equipped with individually shaped windows. FlowPap® is ideal for packing fresh foods such as bread. The combination of paper and film provides the best properties of both materials.

FormPap is a thermo-formed, paper-based material for shallow packages, such as the trays used for sliced meat. Together with a FlowPap® lid, the result is a distinctive multi-purpose fibre package.

BioWrap® is a fat and moisture resistant yet compostable wrapping material. It is perfect for fast food products among others. We also offer PE-coated fast food wrappings.