The lid crowns the cup

There are studies that show that food waste is a bigger environmental problem than packaging waste. Particularly the packaging used for dairy products have to be strictly airtight to ensure the preservation of taste and texture.

The finishing of the dairy product packaging is one of the many fields we’ve specialized in. We produce heat seal lids and foils for dairy products such as yoghurt, sour cream, edible fat and also butter cheese and cream cheese. The materials we use are aluminium, paper, plastics and laminates.

Each year, even 700 millions of cups of sour cream, butter and other dairy products get their lids from our factories.

Our product range contains the most common lid sizes and is also suitable for use under press-down lids.

The lid materials used in our production are suitable for being used with materials such as plastics (PS, PP, PE, PET) and glass. The materials used by us as raw materials include aluminium foil, aluminium and plastic laminates, paper and plastic laminates and plastics.

We also deliver laminate intermediate foils and heat sealable lid materials to reel-wrap production lines.

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