Our digital carton plant enables
personalized packaging solutions

Our digital carton plant specializes in small series. In addition, it produces flexibly and quickly personalized and campaign-specific packaging solutions. The use of our digital model service in product development, consumer testing and for exhibition use is becoming more and more popular.

Pyroll provides package samples, structural design and graphic design. We can make different versions of the package - ranging from printing, different sizes, materials etc. - to support the customer’s decision making. Differences, which normally can be observed only from the layouts, are easier to notice in a proper three-dimensional package.

One example of our larger scale production of digital cartons is the eco-friendly packaging solution that we have created for F-Secure Corporation, a global IT security and antivirus provider. These cartons are printed using Pyroll’s cutting-edge digital technology, which minimizes the use of material and energy. Digital printing makes it possible to print just the right amount of cartons, thus avoiding product losses.

F-Secure’s products are delivered all over the world, which means that the cartons are printed in numerous language versions and also in trade channel editions. Delivery volumes are adjusted to demand, and there are no stocks. These packages are always individual, and they contain an integrated licence card. In the logistic process, each carton is controlled individually by 2D codes printed on the surface of the package.