Packaging machinery and consultation in packaging automation

Pyroll’s packaging machinery sales offer a wide range of state-of-the-art packaging machines. Long-term cooperation with reliable partners ensures a safe and easy comprehensive solution for our customers. In addition to selling packaging machines and systems  - cartoning machines in particular -  we advise and provide purchase support in all issues regarding packing and packaging machinery.

Pyroll’s long experience and extensive cooperation with the packing industry have given us an expert insight and a vision of international trends.

Pakkauskoneita ja pakkausautomaation konsultaatiota

Packaging materials are constantly improving, and packaging requirements and expectations are always more demanding. Environmental awareness is increasing, too, and consumers are very well informed. All of this, together with the fact that packaging machinery is a relatively long-term investment, makes careful consideration and optimal solutions even more crucial.

For a reliable packaging expert like Pyroll, it is a matter of honour to ensure that product and package form a perfect match, and that the packages work flawlessly on the clients’ packaging lines.