Pyroll Kotka's sack production moved to new premises

Pyroll Kotka is now able to serve its customers even better than before. The paper sack production of the company has been relocated to totally new and fresh premises. This means incredible improvement in productiveness, outstanding hygiene levels and even more high quality.

Pyrollsack Oy, the paper sack production of Pyroll Kotka, has been relocated to new premises. The new plant is specifically designed with sack production in mind. This brings many positive things to the customers.

Pyroll Kotka can now guarantee the best possible prerequisites for sack production. The premises will meet the customers’ ever more demanding hygiene requirements. The carefully planned layout will make the plant more productive. Furthermore, its energy-efficiency will be a lot better in comparison to the former plant.

The new sack plant was built in Keltakallio, Kotka. Pyroll Kotka has moved to the new approximately 7000 square meters big premises in August. The new plant has started its operations in September.

Pyroll is the only Finnish paper sack manufacturer. Primarily, it manufactures open-mouth and valve sacks for the chemical, building material, food, feed and mining industries. The Kotka plant has operated in the former premises since 1953. Its turnover is nearly 10 million euros, 30 persent of which comes from export, mainly to the Baltic countries and Russia. The plant has circa 40 employees.