Pyroll keeps growing in Spain

There is demand for innovativeness and product development expertise in the packaging market. Pyroll Packages is gaining foothold in the Spanish market with one of its special solutions: FlowPap. “It helps our customers to grow”, says the founder of Robepackson SL. The company works in Spain as an agent for Pyroll.

Robepackson SL is an agency for packaging materials and systems made by a few European companies, like Pyroll among others. Based in Barcelona, the company works on request as a consultant in packaging and food industry. It also works as a distributor of South European charcuterie products.

Pyroll started to work with Robepackson in 2008. “We only commercialize flexible material for flowpacks and thermoformers from Pyroll, since we target charcuterie business”, tells Martin Gustavsson, the owner and founder of Robepackson. “Flowpap is very suitable for whole chorizo sausages and chorizos are widely consumed in Spain and also exported”, he describes the market in Spain.

FlowPap is a registered trademark of Pyroll. It’s a paper-based flexible flowpack laminate, which can be combined with a wide range of other materials. It can also be equipped with individually shaped windows. “FlowPap gives a unique touch and finish to the pack”, Gustavsson says.

Gustavsson tells that the customers in Spain have been very pleased with the Pyroll products. ”Alejandro Miguel, one of our customers loves the product. It helps him to grow”, Gustavsson describes the feelings and comments. ”But we must improve our service levels and lead times, this is a general issue with the flexible packaging made by Pyroll”, he continues.

Robepackson SL was founded in 2007. Gustavsson runs the company together with his wife Núria Robert-Ribes. Gustavsson has a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Lund University in Sweden. Before starting his own business he had worked around Europe in several packaging companies, like MicVac AB in Sweden, Nestlé PTC in Germany and UEA in Spain.